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Will I be able to approve artwork before the emblems or designs are produced?

Yes, it is Lion Brothers policy to always request artwork approval prior to production.

Can you create artwork from a rough sketch or hand drawing?

Yes, however, artwork fees may apply when designs are created from scratch.

What is Lion Brothers policy on trademarked designs and logo ownership?

It is the purchaser’s responsibility to ensure they have all the required rights to use, copy, transmit, modify and/or reproduce licensed or unlicensed logos, designs, emblems, graphics, electronic data, physical samples or other intellectual property provided to Lion Brothers for the creation of artwork, emblems, embroidery, transfers or imprinted images. The purchaser will assume all liability and/or legal responsibility for any infringements and/or damages that may arise from such use.

What are the acceptable design formats for submitting artwork?

Artwork must be submitted in vector format, preferably Adobe Illustrator (ai.) or vector PDF, to ensure accurate reproduction of artwork during production. Non-vector artwork may be submitted, but may be subject to additional fees to convert into production ready files. Non-vector artwork may be acceptable in some cases for print only designs. Designs must be submitted at actual size.

What if my design has an excessive amount of detail or small lettering?

Some products are better suited for designs with small text and fine detail. Lion Brothers will try it’s best to maintain the look or the originally submitted art, but some small details may be lost or altered and text may be changed or simplified. These changes will be communicated to the customer and must be signed off on before sample or production orders are placed.

How do I choose design colors?

Colors can be referenced from the Pantone® matching system (PMS) or by using CMYK. Most products can be printed to match customer desired colors or have fabric and thread charts with corresponding PMS colors.

Why do the colors on a printed artwork approval form look different than the colors on my computer screen?

Display colors versus print colors may differ for many reasons. Most notably display colors use an RGB (red, green, blue) color model while most printers use CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow, black). Monitors also display colors differently and can be significantly affected by external factors such as brightness, contrast, saturation, color effects etc.

What does "embroidery coverage" mean?

Embroidery coverage is a representation of the amount of embroidered area within an embroidered emblem design. Coverage is relative to the amount embroidered versus the areas not embroidered. For example, if 25% of the base emblem fabric is visible, then the emblem has 75% embroidery coverage. An emblem that is completely embroidered, with no fabric showing, would be 100% embroidered.


What is the minimum order quantity for different emblem types?
144 with the exception of silicone, which is 500, and TPU, which is 3,000.
Can Lion Brothers provide a physical sample of a design prior to order placement?

Yes, it is Lion Brothers policy to provide an electronic (scan) or physical pre-production sample for most products before production orders are placed. Sample fees are applicable.

What is your cancellation policy?

New orders may be canceled within 48 hours of the original order placement. Order cancellations must be communicated via email to your sales representative and merchandiser.

What is your quality control policy?

Although rare, quality control issues can arise. Customers must inspect 5% of product within a shipment immediately upon its arrival. If the quality does not conform to the standards provided by the customer and agreed to by Lion Brothers, before placing a purchase order, or meet the tolerances in Lion Brothers Quality Inspection Standards Manual, then customers must communicate via email to the sales person and merchandiser overseeing the account outlining specific issues with the order within 15 calendar days of receipt of the shipment. Upon customer notification, a Lion Brothers investigation will be triggered to investigate the issue and will be completed within 7 calendar days. If the customer fails to give notice of a quality control issue within the allotted time, then the product will be deemed to be without problem.

How should I store Lion Brothers product?

Packages should be stored flat, in the original packaging with the cardboard inserts to prevent bending of the carrier paper and to maintain the product integrity. All products should be stored in a climate-controlled environment. Ideal conditions would include a cool, dry, and ventilated area. Storage temperature should range between 65-85F° and storage humidity should range between 45-75% RH. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight or UV rays. Although Lion Brothers' products are viable well past their shelf life, products are guaranteed to perform for 1 year after production when stored in original packaging.


What settings should I use to apply my decorations?

Lion Brothers provides application instructions for temperature, dwell time, and pressure, specific to the material build of the decoration and material of the garment that the decoration is being applied to. Failure to follow these instructions negates product performance guarantees.

Can I use a household iron to apply emblems?

Iron on application is available, but is only by request. Lion Brothers’ heat press emblems must be applied with a heat press machine, as higher temperatures are required. Patches can be manufactured to be sewn down and without heat press backing upon request as well.

Do you offer application services for emblems and transfers?

We currently do not offer this service.

Can I send my own garments to be decorated?

We currently do not offer this service.


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